OSRAM SOLERIQ: Chip-on-Board, High Lumen LEDs

Light is easy

OSRAM’s SOLERIQ family of LEDs maximize the potential of Chip-on-Board design to help your lighting projects shine their brightest. With SOLERIQ, convenience comes without sacrifice—these ultra high-power LEDs feature simple installation with no surface mount technology (SMT) assembly required. A very small LES (light emitting surface) enables easy optics design, sharp shadows and a sparkling appearance. High luminous flux out of a single LED package with higher lm/$ compared to ceramic based packages. Click here to view SOLERIQ LEDs on our product chart

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SOLERIQ family of LEDs products and specifications

Light is Abundant

The SOLERIQ S series is designed for applications with high operating temperatures and large flux packages in a compact area. Both the SOLERIQ S 13 and S 19 are perfectly suited for commercial and residential general indoor lighting projects, especially those which call for a direct spotlight.


  • Optimized for lm/W driven applications
  • Package size of 18.0 mm x 18.0 mm x 1.55 mm (S 13) /  24.0 mm x 24.0 mm x 1.33 mm (S 19)
  • Light emitting surface (LES) of: ∅ 13.5 mm (S 13) / ∅ 19.0  mm (S 19)
  • Excellent color reproduction with CRI min. 70, 80 and 90
  • Full range of color temperates: 2700 K – 6500 K (white)
  • Easy mounting without SMD soldering: gluing, screws or brackets
  • Easy to install with off-the-shelf solderless connectors and lenses
  • Brilliant white series delivers natural whiteness of the white objective
  • Brilliant color series delivers more saturate color and provides better color impression

OSRAM SOLERIQ S Applications: