Choose from standard, custom or system prototyping to better design and improve your projects. PASS offers you a-la-carte flexibility and the ability to make changes throughout the process. We’ll help you realize your concepts quickly and easily.

Standard Printed Circuit Boards

Choose from a list of standard available printed boards. Define your quantity and specific LED part number to populate on the board.

Before ordering PASS services, reference our list of standard printed circuit boards available here.

  • Allows easy evaluation of components
  • Choose from single hex, cluster boards and linear designs
  • All OSRAM LED components are available for populating boards

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  • Custom Printed Circuit Boards

Custom Printed Circuit Boards

Define a board for your specific requirements, including LED part number, board outline, mechanical features and component positions.

  • Easily evaluate OSRAM LED components in your design
  • Develop first proof of concept boards

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  • System Mockups

System Mockups

We will help you define system elements around OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LEDs using your specifications, and assist in proof of concept for partial or complete hardware solutions.

  • Get engineering support to create your solution
  • Access to LED Light for you network partners
  • Use components and integrated LED solutions from OSRAM

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  • System Metrology

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