OSRAM OSLON: Compact, High Power LEDs

Light is durable

OSRAM’s rugged OSLON family of LEDs are built to last. Featuring a surface mount device (SMD) ceramic package with an integrated silicon lens, these high power, highly efficient LEDs pack a lot of light into a compact, durable frame. Due to their outstanding quality and performance, even in the most difficult conditions, OSLON LEDs are the preferred solution for both indoor and outdoor illumination as well as architectural and street lighting.

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OSLON family of LEDs products and specifications

Light is stable

The OSLON SSL 80 and 150 are the smallest LED packages that can pair outstanding efficiency with very long life. Optimized for use with lenses and reflectors, these compact LEDs can carry a broad range of the color spectrum.


  • Enables compact LED arrays
  • Low thermal resistance of 7 K/W
  • Efficient at high drive currents – up to 1000 mA
  • Lifetime of more than 50,000 hours
  • The first power LED with sophisticated beam angles (80°/150°)
  • Ultra-compact footprint for high-density arrays saving  space and simplifying color mixing (only 3 mm × 3 mm)
  • Broad color portfolio: red, green, blue and other colors
  • Light recycling by reflective layer of the package, using  every single lumen

OSRAM OSLON SSL Applications:

Light is tough

The new generation of the well established OSLON Square LEDs are built tough. The new OSLON Square is binned at a high temperature, closer to real application conditions and deliver very stable light output, low thermal resistance and improved lifetime in existing designs. Perfect for luminaire manufacturers and lighting suppliers, OSLON Square LEDs offer the benefit of increased maximum junction temperatures, increased maximum forward current and increased maximum de-rating limits.

OSRAM OSLON Square Features:

  • Different luminous flux packages from one package  family
  • High luminous efficacy at high currents
  • Superior corrosion robustness
  • Package: SMT ceramic package with silicone resin and  silicone lens
  • Full CCT range available: 2400 K – 5000 K (warm and  neutral white), CRI min. 80

OSRAM OSLON Square Applications: