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December 2015

This edition of our monthly newsletter highlights our latest products, features a video that shows why the DURIS S 5 family of LEDs has it all and gives you helpful information about our online customer portal, the LED Information Base (LIB).

November 2015

The November newsletter highlights our new Light Is Everywhere video, our first LED filament product: SOLERIQ L 38 and two new LED Fundamentals that are focused on how to read an LED datasheet.

October 2015

In this edition of our newsletter we take a look at new applications utilizing LEDs for algae growth and aquarium lighting, cover the benefits of our PASS (Premium Application Support Services) program which supports customers in developing lighting solutions and we also take a look into what makes the new generation of our OSLON Square Family of LEDs so powerful.

September 2015

The September newsletter reviews our versatile DURIS family of LEDs, details the new features of our LED Light for you (LLFY) partner network and premieres our latest video on the revolutionary new DURIS S 8 LED.

August 2015

The August newsletter looks at the newest “brilliant white” SOLERIQ S 19 LED that offers even better color rendering, details five different ways to find the right SSL LED for your application on our website and explores how light artist Daniel Bandke illuminated Regensburg’s cultural heritage on the Salzstadel building.

July 2015

In the July newsletter we introduce our latest SOLERIQ S 19 LED, which stand for superior quality and color rendering, highlight our latest video showing how an average person interacts with over 140,000 LEDs per day, and deliver the news that our new DURIS S 8 LEDs are available in six, eight or ten chip versions to best suit your application needs.

June 2015

In the June newsletter we introduce a new compact individual LED that’s an alternative to low-lumen Chip-on-Board LEDs, we also share how our OSLON Square LEDs are lighting up the streets of Bensheim, Germany and remind you of our free Printed Circuit Board Design Files (Gerbers) that are available for downloading.

May 2015

This month we review the specs on our new “borderless” LED for fluorescent tube replacement, tell you all about new linear fixtures that use our DURIS E 5 LEDs and remind our subscribers in France to attend our seventh annual LED Light for you (LLFY) workshop in Paris next month.

April 2015

The April newsletter takes a look at how LEDs are improving the historical Achillian Baths in Sicily, provides information on our mid-power LEDs that are an ideal fit for professional applications in architectural and interior lighting and also features a video on PASS (Premium Application Support Services) that shows how you can access our engineering expertise and lab resources via a convenient web-based system.

March 2015

This month we shine light on the newest OSLON SSL LED for horticultural lighting and review our new landing page and brochure for LEDs for horticultural lighting. Our featured video shows how “Light is easy” with SOLERIQ, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ newest family of Chip-on-Board (CoB) LEDs.

Light is Easy

This special edition of our newsletter highlights OSRAM’s SOLERIQ family of LEDs, that maximize the potential of Chip-on-Board design to help your lighting projects shine their brightest. With SOLERIQ, convenience comes without sacrifice – these ultra high-power LEDs feature simple installation with no surface mount technology (SMT) assembly required.

January 2015

The first issue of 2015 includes an in-depth look at DURIS S 8, a compact high-power LED for indoor illumination. We also introduce a new LED for stage lighting, review our social media channels and feature an interesting video on how turtle friendly LED lighting can help hatchling turtles find their way into the sea.

December 2014

In the last newsletter of 2014 we take a detailed look at SOLERIQ P 13, our latest and highest powered Chip-on-Board (CoB) LED in the SOLERIQ P series. We also cover our “Did you know that” series, how tradition meets modernism with energy-efficient LEDs on the medieval streets of Torraca, an overview of our newest web-based tools and more.

September 2014

In this issue we take a detailed look at our newest Chip-on-Board (CoB) LED that is ideal for outdoor, spotlight, retail and museum lighting.  We also map out our numerous web tools that help our customers design and develop lighting products and solutions.

July 2014

This month we focus on the new high CRI DURIS S 5 LEDs with a CRI of more than 90 and look at how long LEDs last. We will also examine how LEDs are being used in a whole range of applications that can enhance the life of different species.

June 2014

The June newsletter has an update about our new LED assembly plant in Wuxi, China, takes a look at the future of LEDs in urban farming and introduces our new online tool that provides LED characteristics for downloading.

Lightfair 2014

This newsletter highlights OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presence at the 25th Annual Lightfair International, world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.

SOLERIQ P 9: Less LES, more light

This special edition of the newsletter goes over the details of the free SOLERIQ P 9 webinars.

April 2014

In this issue we review our online service portal, PASS, provide information on our latest chip-on-board LED that delivers twice the light from half the surface and explore LED Light for you’s new product selector application.

March 2014

The March newsletter introduces a new chip-on-board LED that guarantees uniform color and light appearance, we share the news of how we are keeping pace with the constant growth of the SSL market, tell you about how we have switched our fabrication of red, orange and yellow light emitting diodes to 6-inch wafers and much more.

February 2014

This month’s newsletter highlights the LED that shines with a small illuminated surface and high brightness of 1,500 lm, a university’s switch to LEDs that saved them 75% on energy costs, the LED solution by OSRAM that is enabling a new way to view and preserve art and much more.


This special edition of our newsletter highlights our newest compact high-power LED.  The DURIS S 8 from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors ensures color consistency and is compatible with both your newest ideas and existing designs.  Read more on how the DURIS S 8 can make your work simpler and save you time and cost.

January 2014

This issue contains information on our latest LED with new conversion technology, an interesting story on how LEDs are helping preserve ancient artwork and a summary of our slidecast on the versatile DURIS family of LEDs.

December 2013

This month we feature a highly efficient mid-power LED – the first of its kind on the market – that is resistant to adverse environmental conditions, we show how our LEDs meet all the important requirements for concert hall illumination and offer a free sample of the LED with high luminous flux, high forward voltage and high color consistency in one small package, the DURIS S 8.

November 2013

The November newsletter contains information on our OSLON SSL LEDs, a spotlight feature on an award winning LED bulb and news on FuturoLighting’s “StreetStick” streetlight with our OSLON Square LEDs.

October 2013

The October issue takes an in-depth look at two of the latest products in our DURIS family of LEDs, summarizes three new application notes that have recently been added to our website and reviews a great resource that can help you find the right OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LED for your next project.

September 2013

In this month’s newsletter we review the features of our SOLERIQ E LEDs, remind you about our useful Optic Selector Tool that is free to use 24-7 and update you on our latest program with access to our application engineering expertise, resources and lab services (PASS).

August 2013

The August issue contains information on a new LED that has a small illuminated surface and high brightness of 1,500 lm, the newest addition to the DURIS family of LEDs and more.

July 2013

The July newsletter showcases a supermarket in Poland that is benefiting from uniform light distribution with our DURIS E 5 LEDs, an update on the re-designed LED Light Site and information on our network of LED lighting solution partners to help make your next project a breeze.

June 2013

The highlights of the June newsletter include a success story where a parking garage saves 70% on energy costs with OSRAM DURIS LEDs, the free downloadable gerber files section of the LED Light Site and the maximum flexibility, minimum size of the OSLON Square LED family.

May 2013

In the May newsletter you’ll find great information about another new product that adds diversity to our already extensive LED product portfolio, updates on industry standards and regulations, a Flashlight Reference Design slidecast and more.

April 2013

This month’s newsletter covers LIGHTFAIR International 2013, a new product that adds diversity to our already extensive product portfolio and industry standards and regulations training videos.

February/March 2013

This month’s newsletter includes a new universal electronic control solution for Brilliant Mix, a slidecast on a PAR 38 reference design, an interactive brochure of our Solid State Lighting LEDs and more.

Farther, Faster 5

This newsletter highlights the right LED products from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to take your project farther, faster and reviews the highlights of our best product attributes from the past year.

Farther, Faster 4

This newsletter takes an in-depth look at the SOLERIQ E family of LEDs. Their high flux output makes them ideal for downlight luminaires requiring uniform illuminance at various mounting height ratios, while simplifying integration with Chip-on-Board technology.

Farther, Faster 3

Horticultural and monochromatic lighting using OSLON SSL LEDs are examined in this edition of the newsletter. Monochromatic LEDs are unique as they can emit a specific single color or wavelength, which makes them invaluable for applications that benefit from specific colors, like plant and algae growth, marine environments and aquarium lighting.

Farther, Faster 2

This newsletter features our family of DURIS LEDs and the various applications they are suited for. DURIS E 3 and E 5 are perfect for retrofit applications and DURIS P 5 is ideal for architectural lighting because it’s best-in-class corrosion resistance and lifetime.

Farther, Faster 1

This newsletter focuses on street and outdoor lighting with OSLON Square LEDs and downlighting with SOLERIQ E LEDs. Our newer, more robust, more efficient LEDs will take you ahead of the curve and keep you there.

September 2012

This month’s newsletter highlights the new uniform solder pad design for the OSLON family of LEDs, the ground breaking of a new plant in Wuxi, China, the final LED Fundamental of the series and more.

July 2012

This month’s newsletter highlights exciting new LED products: the DURIS E 5 and the new, improved OSLON SSL. The newsletter also highlights the Brilliant Mix slidecast, new website features and more.

May 2012

This month’s newsletter features DURIS® P 5 and the new SOLERIQ® E. You’ll also find information about new LED lighting videos, updates to the LED Light site and the LIGHTFAIR 2012 schedule.

February 2012

This month’s newsletter features new LED Fundamentals and LED Lighting News videos, updated LED and SSL Lighting Standardization and Regulations videos, information on new products and more!

December 2011

This month’s newsletter includes highlights from the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, new LED Fundamentals educational videos and a brand new LED Light Site home page.

August 2011

This month’s newsletter includes new educational videos from the LED Fundamentals series, and a handful of new Application Guides from the free tools offered to registered users.

May 2011

This month’s newsletter includes information on LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2011, including features of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors booth, I-pad giveaway, and more.

February 2011

This month’s newsletter includes a featured video about Optical Modeling of the SSL Environment, a preview of Strategies in Light in Santa Clara, CA as well as new product and web features.

November 2010

This month’s newsletter includes highlights from the LED Light for you System Design Workshop, the recently launched Tools section on the LED site as well as new videos and product features.

September 2010

This month’s newsletter includes features on the Golden DRAGON Oval Plus and OSLON SSL, a sneak preview of the upcoming LED Light for you Workshop in San Diego, and new videos and tools coming from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

June 2010

This month’s newsletter will provide an overview of all the latest news and innovations from our LIGHTFAIR 2010 virtual trade show as well as new resources for lighting industry standards and regulations from Dr. Jian Jiao.

March 2010

This month’s newsletter includes information on the ORBEOS OLED product and LED products for down lighting, along with the standards and regulations for LED general lighting.