LightFair 2010

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Lightfair 2010 page delivers a virtual trade show experience including featured LED news, blog posts from lighting experts, video updates and photos live from the trade show floor.

Join OSRAM Opto Semiconductors at Booth 315 in the southeast section of the Lightfair 2010 exhibit hall.

Latest Happenings

  • Compact OSRAM sensor improves fitness monitoring

    OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents its first integrated optical sensor SFH 7050 is the first integrated optical sensor from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for automatic fitness tracking. The sensor is used in mobile devices, such as smart watches and fitness armbands, and simplifies personal heart rate or pulse rate measurements during jogging for example. The sensor contains […]

  • New Printed Circuit Board Design for DURIS S 8

    Free Gerber file for our latest LED A new Gerber file for the DURIS S 8 LED has been added to our Printed Circuit Board Design Page.  This Gerber is for a standard metal core star board that can be used for testing and prototyping purposes on multiple LED applications with DURIS S 8 LEDs.  […]

  • True art: LED lighting in museums

    Lighting solutions for museums present a special challenge because the artificial light has to be gentle enough to protect works of art from long-term damage. The lighting also has to display the exhibits in their authentic colors. LEDs are ideal for meeting these requirements and are therefore being used more and more for museum lighting. […]

  • Compact multi-chip LED for interior lighting

    The DURIS S 8 for directional retrofits offers maximum light from a small surface area OSRAM Opto Semiconductors today announced the DURIS S 8, a new multi-chip, high-power member of the DURIS S LED series. The close grouping of the LED die allows for good color consistency in combination with a high luminous flux. The new DURIS […]

  • Engineering TV Interview at LIGHTFAIR 2011

    Engineering TV’s Mathew Dirjish stopped by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors booth at LIGHTFAIR 2011 in Philadelphia, PA.

  • LIGHTFAIR 2011 Tour: Albeo Technologies

    Neil Cannon, Executive Vice President of Albeo Technologies, explains the importance of High CRI in today’s world.

  • LIGHTFAIR 2011 Tour: Schreder Lighting

    Cedric Van den Haute, Product & Brand Manager of Schreder Lighting, introduces the Alura LED street light.

  • LIGHTFAIR 2011 Tour: Edge Lighting and Pure Lighting

    Gregory Kay, President & Design Director of Edge Lighting and Pure Lighting, shows off a few different products and applications using OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs.

  • LIGHTFAIR 2011 Tour: Lighting Science Group

    Fred Maxik, Founder and CTO of Lighting Science Group, introduces a new RGBW Wall Wash using OSLON SSL LEDs to help drive the efficiency of the part.

  • LIGHTFAIR 2011 Tour: LEDnovation

    Israel Morejon, CEO & President of LEDnovation, shows off the MR 16 LED, a brand new 50-watt equivalent.

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Schedule of LED Events


Time Event
8:30am LFI Innovation Awards, Room N109
10:00am New Attendee Orientation, Room N119
12:15pm Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education Luncheon, Room N107
2:00pm Seminar: LEDs hit Landscape Lighting, Room N222
4:30pm Seminar: Smoke, Mirrors and LEDs, Room N101


Time Event
8:30am Seminar: How to Make more Informed LED Outdoor Liminaire Purchase Decisions, Room 101
8:30am Symposium: Changing the Orientation by 180 at 6500k, Room N116
10:30am Seminar: LEDs A Magical Mystery Tour, Room N101
10:30am Symposium: Lighting - the Most Important Aspect of Interior Design, Room N116
12:15pm National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions Lighting Certified Luncheon, Room N107
2:00pm Seminar: OLED Lighting Today & Tomorrow, 2-3:30pm
2:00pm Symposium: Create Iconic Places: Lighting is a BIG Player, 2-3:30pm
4:30pm Symposium: Sustainable Design & Architecture in Mexico, Room N116
6:00pm IALD 27th Annual Awards Dinner, Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas


Time Event
8:30am Seminar: Residential Lighting: Nighttime Imagery for the Great Outdoors, Room N111
10:30am Seminar: Dale Carnegie Meets the Web, Room N101