Architectural LED Lighting

A lighting designers dream, LEDs create interest and drama for both internal and external applications. Their small form factor and high brightness make them the perfect solution for applications where space is at a premium and where changing a traditional light source proves cost prohibitive.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has the right LEDs for your next Architectural Lighting design.

LEDs for White Architectural Lighting

Warm White, Cool White, Ultra White… OSRAM has LEDs in a variety of packages, color temperatures, wattages and intensity ranges.

LEDs for Colored Architectural Lighting

RGB – Red, Green, Blue…and every other color in the spectrum, that’s what you get from OSRAM LEDs. From our single color LEDs to our MultiLEDs and other multi chip packages, OSRAM has the right  products for your applications.

LEDs for Down Lighting

Down lights designed with LED lights from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors can take ambient lighting to a whole new dimension.