OSRAM DURIS: Efficient, Durable LEDs

Light is efficient

OSRAM’s versatile DURIS family combines flexibility with efficiency to create the perfect LED for a variety of applications. Encased in a sturdy plastic package and with product versions in all power ranges, DURIS LEDs are well suited for both indoor and outdoor projects.  Click here to view DURIS LEDs on our product chart

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DURIS family of LEDs products and specifications

Light is small

When your application calls for a uniform distribution of light, you don’t need to look any further than the DURIS E LEDs. The E 3 and E 5 are low- and mid-power LEDs, and offer high efficiency at a low cost. Combining a small/medium lumen package, a wide beam angle and a compact footprint makes DURIS the ideal solution for any uniform LED lighting project.


  • Footprint of 3.0 mm x 1.4 mm (E  3) / 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm (E 5)
  • Compact light source in  cost-effective PLCC package
  • Stable brightness over lifetime
  • High efficacy of typ. 110 lm/W @  5000 K (E 3) / typ. 110 lm/W @  5000 K (E 5)

OSRAM DURIS E Applications:

Light is smart

DURIS P LEDs have limitless potential—the P 5 and P 5 colors are an ideal fit for professional applications in architectural and interior lighting, but are flexible enough to be used in directional light sources such as retrofits. These mid-power LEDs provide leading-edge technology for both indoor and outdoor lighting situations. DURIS P LEDs are built for quality, so you can rely on them for any type of project.


  • Small footprint for clustering (2.6  mm x 2.2 mm)
  • Long lifetime at high temperatures and high currents (L70/B50 > 50.000 h at Tj = 125 °C  and If = 200 mA)
  • High efficacy of up to 110 lm/W @  3000 K
  • Superior corrosion resistance for  high-quality LED lighting  solutions
  • DURIS P 5 colors feature five  different colors, including  extreme stability for “deep blue”

OSRAM DURIS P Applications:

Light is simple

The DURIS S LEDs are powerful and versatile enough to light any environment. The S 2, S 5, S 8 and S 10 offer mid- and high-power LED options perfectly suited for indoor lighting projects in both consumer and professional setting. So whether you’re lighting an industrial complex, need a downlight solution or are retrofitting an old application, DURIS S has the range in both power and color temperature to fit your needs.


  • Different luminous flux packages  from one package family
  • Small LES improves optical  behavior in directional lighting
  • Low thermal resistance to enable high operating power
  • Small footprint for clustering

OSRAM DURIS S Applications: