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WAC SOL OLED CLOSEUP SHOT1Following up on the interest in the company’s two Organic LED concept luminaires last year, WAC Lighting is introducing “SOL,” a new, upscale decorative chandelier utilizing white Organic LED panels as the exclusive light source. SOL uses OSRAM’s ORBEOS Organic LED panels, the world’s most revolutionary light source available today.

The SOL chandelier is inherently sustainable; designed around energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology and individually crafted in WAC Lighting’s zero-landfill factory. The luminaire incorporates OSRAM’s ORBEOS OLED panels, based on the latest OLED technology. Soft light from the ORBEOS panels is incorporated into the design and requires no additional light control from lenses or reflectors that traditionally result in a 10%-40% loss in efficiency. Organic LEDs are sustainably made of layers of carbon-based materials that self-illuminate in various colors when energized, without impacting the environment.

SOL features adjustable light distribution for ambient mood lighting, free of undesirable shadowing or glare. The circular satellite OLED panels rotate up for indirect lighting, or tilt down to comfortably illuminate the surface below, or faces around a table. The central downlight also provides supplemental lighting on a tabletop.

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EnhanceLite A19 and MR16 lamps symbolize major advancements in LED technology delivering

onLEDnovation’s promise to accurately replace the look and feel of standard incandescent and tungsten halogen lamps.

A skillful blending of superior electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical design coupled with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs significantly increases lamp efficiencies/efficacies delivering stable and accurate color temperatures.

The combination of such unique designs results in energy savings of up to 90% which in turn reduces harmful Green House Gas Emissions in the process. Dramatic reductions in maintenance costs are recorded due to the lamps extraordinary long life times of between 35,000 hours and 50,000 hours depending on wattages. All LEDnovation lamps carry a warranty of three years from date of purchase and are UL/CSA approved.

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phosterDownlightPhoster Industries LED down light illuminated with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs delivers energy efficient light while helping to reduce inventory erosion caused by the heat and UV output of standard light sources. Available in cool and warm white and consuming only 9W of power, the Phoster Industries down light saves energy and reduces replacement costs. This versatile down light is available with multiple trim attachments.

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qubeverticalThe Qube is a modular LED lighting system designed for indoor and outdoor area lighting applications. It utilizes advanced heat-pipe heat sink technology to reduce the size of the LED module, and has state-of-the-art optical technology to put light where it is needed and features OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden DRAGON Oval Plus LEDs. Each Qube module has a power supply. This simplifies installation, diagnosis and replacement of the Qube/power supply combination. The system was designed for retrofitting existing light fixtures. Multiple Qube modules can be used to achieve the desired light level for a given application.

Product Highlights

– Advanced heat-pipe heat sink reduces size of the LED module.

– Powered by an external constant current power supply to achieve maximum efficiency.

– Available in two white color temperatures: 5200K, 5700K and 6500K.

– IP65 ingress protection. 
- Designed to meet Class 2 safety requirements.

– Lab-certified LM-79 test report available (for Circular light distribution pattern).

– Four light distribution patterns available: Circular, Rectangular (Long/Short), Square and Lambertian

– 60 Month Warranty

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