Street & Outdoor

Our LED street lighting installations can be seen all over the world – from the United States to Johannesburg to Singapore. And we’re leading the way today in design, testing and fabrication of the lighting of the future.

OSRAM LEDs are the ideal solution for street lighting due to their long life, directional light, uniform brightness and illumination. LEDs in a properly designed luminaire are dark sky friendly, eliminating stray light and reducing overall light pollution. Plus LEDs for outdoor lighting are environmentally friendly as they contain no mercury. The path to the future is lit by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

Featured Product: OSLON Family

  • Outstanding corrosion stability, lifetime and thermal performance
  • Improved package reflectivity for high efficacy and light extraction
  • Different luminous flux packages from one package family

OSRAM LED Down lights

LED products and specifications for street and outdoor lighting applications

Product chart for street and outdoor lighting applications

Street and Area Lighting

In this edition of the LED Lighting News, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors explores the rapid growth of LED technology in street and area lighting, discussing the advantages of this movement, along with the quality and performance of their OSLON SSL and Golden DRAGON Plus products.

Street LED Lighting

Street lighting with LEDs offer long lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

LEDs for outdoor area lighting illuminate parking lots and buildings with targeted and superior color quality.