Today LED lighting can stimulate plant growth by up to 40%. Durable and long lasting LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors are the green alternative to standard horticultural lighting. They can significantly stimulate plant growth while drastically reducing energy consumption through the use of targeted lighting at 730, 660 and 450 nanometers. LEDs provide the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing the grower to adapt the light exactly to the needs of various crops.

The features of LEDs for horticultural lighting such as small form factor, high efficiency and long life, provide flexibility for growers. Dimmable and controllable, LEDs are instant on when you need them and can easily be set in cycles that promote healthy plant growth.

Featured Product: Award Winning OSLON SSL 730nm new

  • Ultra compact 1W device in 80°and 150° viewing angles
  • Targeted spectra to increase chlorophyll absorption and photosynthesis in plants
  • High efficiency in full range of colors (deep blue to far red)

OSRAM LED Down Light

LED products and specifications for horticultural lighting applications

Product chart for horticultural lighting applications

OSRAM LEDs for Horticultural LightingHorticultural OSRAM LED Lights


  • Top lighting, inter lighting and multilayer cultivation
  • Supplemental lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
  • Photoperiodic lighting and photo-morphological control
  • Urban farming and controlled environment farming
  • Algae grow lights and agricultural lighting

Click here for an update on standards for horticultural lighting

LED Horticultural Lighting Slidecast

This video explores LED based horticultural solutions using OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ OSLON SSL Hyper Red and Deep Blue LEDs. Detailing photosynthesis and the advantage of LEDs, while also describing specific LED products for horticultural applications.

LEDs for Horticultural Lighting

LED light is a flexible and efficient way to give plants and crops the light they need to grow. The OSLON family of LEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors can do just that. OSLON LEDs are available in different wavelengths and viewing angles for custom horticultural lighting design.

Horticultural Lighting

In this edition of the LED Lighting News, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors explores the new trend of horticultural lighting, taking an in-depth look at OSLON SSL LEDs and why they are ideal for this application.

MSU Horticulture Lighting

In this edition of the LED Lighting News, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provides insight into a research project with the MSU Department of Horticulture. The organizations have teamed up to study the effect of growing floriculture and vegetable crops in controlled environments under different spectra of LED light. These experiments will eventually help to understand the effect of the spectral quality of light on plant growth and morphology.



OSRAM Chlorophyll absorption chart