Freezer Case LED Lighting

Refrigerated display case lighting is a promising application for light emitting diodes as LEDs perform better in cold temperatures and do not produce radiated heat like conventional fluorescent technologies. Lack of radiated heat helps extend the product shelf life and reduces losses of perishable goods. The cool light source saves additional energy as the refrigeration unit does not need to compensate for any heat generated by the light.

LED lighting provides consistent luminance levels and uniformity, regardless of the cold operating conditions. Dimmable and controllable, LEDs are instant on when you need them, and off when you don’t.

Durable and long lasting LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors are the environmentally friendly alternative to standard refrigerated display case lighting.

OSRAM LED Down Light

LED products and specifications for freezer case applications

Product chart for freezer case applications

Freezer Case OSRAM LED Lights

Low profile LEDs from OSRAM illuminate freezer cases in a local grocer while operating very efficiently at low temperatures.

OSRAM LEDs for Freezer Cases

Save energy when the isles are empty with dimmable, controllable LED lighting.