LED accent lighting installations with light emitting diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors help retailers save energy, eliminate inventory erosion due to IR and UV radiation while maintaining consistent light quality in retail displays.

LEDs are an ideal solution for retail accent lighting due to their long life, directional light and uniform brightness and illumination. By integrating “cool face” technology retailers can also reduce the chance that a customer will be burned by the heat emitted from halogen or other conventional display lighting.

With excellent color rendering ability, products will shine like never before.

Featured Product: DURIS S

  • Optimized driver efficiency and costs due to higher voltage option
  • Different luminous flux packages from one package family
  • Higher lifetime than standard plastic packages

OSRAM LED Down Light

LED products and specifications for accent applications

Product chart for accent applications

OSRAM LED Accent Lighting

LEDs small form factor allow for unique designs in Accent Lighting.

OSRAM Accent LED Lighting

In addition to retail spaces, the ambiance of LED lighting beautifully accents the home.