LLFY supports you even more

New features include testing, certification and connectors

LLFY“LED Light for you” (LLFY), the well-known OSRAM partner network now offers extended support to customers. With Underwriters Laboratories and Dekra, two leading global experts for testing and certification, complementing the existing expert pool of electronics, optics, thermal and system management experts. Additionally, connectors suitable for all SOLERIQ LEDs are now available on the LLFY product selector app, so you can get the most up-to-date accessories and support based on your selection.

Both Dekra and Underwriters Laboratories are leading global providers of testing and certification services, specializing in product safety, performance testing and energy efficiency. The newly certified partners extend the LLFY network with services of testing and certification, providing customers a full one-stop solution where they can benefit from their engineering support, advisory services, web based info systems and market information. Marketing support on regional standards and regulations to help access the market as well as a premium discount, depending on the service package of testing and certification services are also as they are also included in their support portfolio. Altogether, the information enables easier access to regional and global markets. In addition, the amount of information provided can help facilitate a faster time-to-market for your products which also can result in cost-saving.

The OSRAM partner network “LED Light for you” provides support for anyone looking for LED solutions for general illumination. Customers can select their specific application on the LLFY app – such as downlights for shop lighting – and see at a glance a selection of suitable OSRAM LEDs that are most appropriate for the specified application. The global network also provides access to experts in optical, thermal and electronic solutions, testing and certification as well as providing system integrators for complete LED solutions. Partner companies that participate in the network have to complete a stringent certification process before they can become certified partners, guaranteeing optimum quality and the best possible service.


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