New generation of renowned OSLON SSL 80 and SSL 150 LEDs

OSLON SSL Spotlights

The powerful new generation of OSRAM OSLON SSL LEDs integrated in spotlights for professional indoor lighting.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has unveiled the new generation of OSLON SSL 80 and 150 LEDs with proven reliability and outstanding efficiency. These new LEDs offer improved performance and low thermal resistance, extending the range of operating conditions in customer applications.

The LEDs cover a wide range of color rendering indices (CRI) and correlated color temperatures (CCT), making them ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications. They are tested under hot conditions (85° C), a temperature that is close to the operating conditions in customer applications.

OSLON SSL LEDs with a minimum CRI of 90 (2700 K to 4000 K CCT) are an ideal choice for spotlights for professional indoor lighting applications in shops or museums, for stage, accent and effect lighting as well as for retrofits and fixtures. The product versions with a minimum CRI of 80 (2500 K to 5000 K CCT) are suitable for applications such as high bay, low bay and PAR lamps. The minimum CRI of 70 (3000 K to 6500 K CCT) addresses the needs of industrial and outdoor lighting.

The new OSLON SSL products are 100 percent compatible with existing versions as they share the same footprint of only 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm. This results in high-density space-saving arrays and simplifies color mixing. Two different viewing angles of 80° (OSLON SSL 80) and 150° (OSLON SSL 150) give customers an additional choice in creating customized lighting solutions. The low thermal resistance of 4.2 K/W ensures cool running and high energy efficiency. Both new OSLON SSL types are extremely powerful and can be driven up to 1 ampere (A). OSLON SSL LEDs deliver the high efficiency needed in professional indoor and outdoor lighting applications where high reliability and performance are essential.

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