OSRAM LED with brilliant white light

New SOLERIQ S 19 for high-quality product displays

Brilliant white light with SOLERIQ S 19.
Brilliant white light with SOLERIQ S 19.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is introducing a superior quality LED product range with better color rendering. The new SOLERIQ S 19 is the first product in this portfolio that offers a brilliant white lighting solution without any compromise in performance. Illuminated with these brilliant white CoB (Chip-on-Board) LEDs, objects will appear exceptionally white as they deliver the natural color of white objects. They are therefore ideal for example for high-quality product displays in retail outlets. Other fields of applications include professional downlights, spotlights and general indoor lighting.

The new SOLERIQ S 19 is able to deliver the natural whiteness of white colored objects. The true whiteness of the illuminated object can be rendered and it will look simply outstanding and eye-catching. This characteristic is especially important for professional lighting solutions in shops or museums, where items on display have to look as attractive and genuine as possible. This can be achieved with a combination of optimum color management and phosphor technology.

With a value of at least 90, the color rendering of the new CoB LED is very good. SOLERIQ S 19 Brilliant White is available with CCTs (correlated color temperatures) of 2700, 3000 and 3500 kelvin (K) and offers a high luminous flux of up to 6500 lumen from a single light source.

The products in the SOLERIQ family have certain features in common: The packages are all based on Chip-on-Board technology that provides a uniform color and light appearance thanks to 3-step MacAdam binning. SOLERIQ S 19 LEDs are very easy to work with as they are screwed directly to the heat sink with a connector. The connecting wires just need to be inserted into the connectors provided and fixed in place. There is no longer any need for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering. Their LES (light-emitting surface) complies with the international Zhaga standard. Accessories such as connectors, optics and drivers are all available on the market and can be obtained through the OSRAM partner network LED Light for you (LLFY). Customers can either go to the LLFY website or use the free “LLFY Selector” app to find the products they need on the move.


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