OSLON Square in Siteco street lights

Bensheim opts for LED technology from OSRAM

Siteco’s Streetlight 10-LED-street lights use longlife heat-resistant OSLON Square LEDs.

Siteco’s Streetlight 10-LED-street lights use longlife heat-resistant OSLON Square LEDs.

By switching to energy-efficient LED street lighting, towns and cities can achieve significant reductions in power consumption and therefore also in costs. Bensheim, a German town located south of Darmstadt, has been replacing most of its street lighting over the past two years with Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from OSRAM’s subsidiary Siteco. Siteco uses longlife heat-resistant OSLON Square LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors as the light sources for its street lights. Bensheim is also upgrading its existing “bell” type luminaires in the town center to LED technology.

Bensheim is making energy savings of around 40 percent with the new LED system compared with the old luminaires. At the same time, the quality of light has been considerably improved thanks to the stable color homogeneity of the OSLON Square. Another benefit is the long life of the light emitting diodes, which means that the Siteco luminaires have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours so maintenance and repair costs are drastically reduced. OSLON Square LEDs are available with different color temperatures between 2400 and 5000 kelvin (K) so they can provide warm white or cold white light. The color rendering index is above 80, and luminous flux is also high at 202 lumen (lm) – ideal for outdoor applications.

Almost 3,000 new street lights have been installed on main and side roads in Bensheim in the past two years. The size of the luminaires and their color temperature have been selected to meet the specific requirements at each location. Luminaires with a rather cold color temperature of 4000 K, for example, are used in the residential areas to provide optimum illumination on the roads and sidewalks.

To retain the charm of the town center and pedestrian zone, only the internals of the 400 “bell” type luminaires were upgraded to LED technology, while externally they still look the same. The warm white light color of 3000 K creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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