Horticulture Lighting Goes ‘Green’ with OSRAM LEDs

Long-life LEDs in ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light Fixtures stimulate plant growth while saving energy.

ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light Fixtures

ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light Fixtures Picture: OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc.

OSRAM SYLVANIA unveils ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light Fixtures with state-of-the-art OSLON LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. This combination delivers one of the most reliable LED horticulture fixtures in the industry. Durable and long lasting OSRAM LEDs are the green alternative to standard horticultural lighting.

“As the world population continues to increase and more agricultural land is lost to urban development, greenhouses equipped with artificial lighting provided by our new ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light fixtures can play an important role in plant cultivation and propagation,” said Jeremy Pymento, business manager for NAFTA Semiconductor & Industry Segments at OSRAM SYLVANIA. “Plants use light as a source of energy. The cultivation of plants in a greenhouse environment supported by artificial light helps control all the elements that can influence the growth of the plant. Monochromatic LEDs can create an ideal environment for plant cultivation. The spectral output of the light can be tuned to deliver optimum growth and energy savings for a particular species of plant.”

The modularized ZELION HL family is suitable for both the commercial growers and do-it-yourself horticulturalists across a wide range of applications, including turf and landscape maintenance, commercial greenhouses and indoor gardening. LED lighting can significantly stimulate plant growth – up to 40 percent – while drastically reducing energy consumption through the use of targeted lighting wavelengths at 660 and 450 nanometers. LED features for horticultural lighting, such as small form factor, high efficiency and long life, provide flexibility for growers. Easily controllable, LEDs are instant on when you need them and can be set in cycles that promote healthy plant growth.

The OSLON LEDs in the ZELION HL Horticulture Grow Light Fixtures have a rated life of 100,000 hours (L70), much longer than conventional high pressure sodium or other discharge lamps and two times the life of some competing LED fixtures currently available. Available in 50W, 100W and 150W versions, the LED fixtures also use less energy than HPS fixtures, where the lamps can utilize from 255W up to 1000W. The unique optical design and materials deliver optimal Photosynthetically Active Radiation of up to 1180 μmol m-2 s-1 at centerbeam with the ZELION HL 3×2 fixture. ZELION HL Horticulture LED Grow Light Fixtures utilize passive cooling, which makes them completely silent, and are reliable and IP65 rated for safe operation in wet and damp environments. Each fixture has four holes on the top-end plate so it can be hung by wires or chains above growing plants, and has water resistant independent red and blue on/off switches so the light can be customized to ensure optimal growth conditions for the specific plant species. They are also backed by a 3-year limited warranty to ensure trouble-free performance.

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Be sure to check out the ZELION HL fixture and OSLON LEDs in the OSRAM booth (#1922) at this year’s Lightfair International in New York May 5-7.