New lighting for the Achillian Baths in Sicily

Highlighting the historic heritage was the main intention for the project team.
Highlighting the historic heritage was the main intention for the project team.

OSRAM LEDs illuminate the archaeological monument of Catania

The Achillian Baths are a public bathing establishment from Roman times in Catania, Sicily. They are situated below street level and therefore barely visible. To enhance the place, the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of the National Research Council (CNR-IBAM) started a lighting project. It was developed in about six months and was supported by different companies including I2C Electronics, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, BM Plants and under the artistic direction of the Lighting Designer Marzia Paladino. The inauguration took place in January 2015.

The ambitious project combined high level aesthetic aspects and useful measures. The intention was to create a new economic and ecological lighting solution without glare that brings back the magic of the place. The project leaders decided to use OSRAM OSLON SSL 80 and DURIS P 5 LEDs because of their accuracy and the calibration of the color temperature. The LEDs were integrated in spotlights with high IP protection. In some cases the LEDs were installed with secondary lenses to light up all spaces as well as to eliminate shadows.

The OSRAM LEDs were chosen to replace the formerly used high pressure metal halide lamps because of its great color output and significant energy savings: The power of the LEDs is approximately at 1.5 KW in comparison to 5 KW previously. Both, the OSLON SSL 80 and DURIS P 5, offer superior corrosion robustness and can optimally be used for applications in archaeological sites. With a footprint of only 3.00 mm x 3.00 mm, the OSLON SSL 80 is one of the smallest high-power LEDs. Even at high currents it is highly efficient because of its low thermal resistance and the ceramic package. The DURIS P 5, a mid-power LED, owns a wide beam angle of 120° and emits the light very homogenously. The long lifetime of the product is also considered at high temperatures and high currents.

“The goal was ambitious”, says Dr. Daniele Malfitana Director of Institute CNR-IBAM. “With the new lighting of one of the most intriguing archaeological monuments of Catania we wanted to demonstrate how scientific research combined with new technologies can help to strengthen the dialogue with the public administrations and meet the needs of knowledge on the part of the city.”

The aim of the ambitious lighting project was to enhance the shape of the monument without forcing or distorting the original composition. For example, too much or too cold white light had to be avoided because it could distort the intentions of the architects of the area. With a careful balance between light intensity and color calibration the project was a success.

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