New DURIS S 8 LEDs with even better color rendering featured at Lightfair 2015

DURIS S 8 OSRAM LED ApplicationClose grouping permits good color consistency and high luminous flux

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents two new members of its DURIS LED family that have very good color rendering. The CRI (color rendering index) of the DURIS S 8 GW P9LM32.CM and GW P9LR31.CM is 95 (typ.) and 90 (min.). Due to the same footprint and design, the different versions can be replaced with ease. The thermal resistance and forward voltage of the new products are lower than its predecessors.

The new DURIS S 8 with CRI 90 is the next step for the DURIS S series for increasingly better color rendering. The very good color consistency (color binning) is achieved through the close grouping of the multi-chip LEDs, which corresponds to the coverage of a 5-step MacAdam ellipse. 3-step MacAdam grouping is additionally available. As its predecessors, the products are grouped at the junction temperature of 100° C instead of at room temperature. Another positive characteristic is the improved thermal conductivity.

The footprint (5.89 mm x 5.2 mm) of the new high-power LEDs and viewing angle of 120° are the same as the existing DURIS S 8 versions. The optics are also compatible to the predecessors so the different versions can be easily replaced and the new LEDs are available in a range of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) between 2,700 and 4,000 Kelvin. With the new DURIS LEDs, a single light source design can be implemented, avoiding multiple shadow effects and they also simplify lens and PCB (printed circuit board) design.

The new DURIS S 8 can be inserted in retrofits and fixtures for accent and effect lighting in shops and museums. The certification process for the high lifetime standard of LM-80 with 6,000 hour tests for both new LEDs is done and the results are available.

Be sure to stop by the OSRAM booth at Lightfair 2015 (booth # 1922) to view our DURIS S 8 LEDs and entire catalog of LEDs for General Lighting (SSL) applications.

OSRAM LED DURIS S 8 Technical Data

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