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OSLON Square used in Altled Lodestar series

commercial-lighting-with-external-powerUtilizing OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ new OSLON Square that was launched last December, ALT –Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. has launched a new Floodlight that will have even better heat dissipation, color stability and a longer lifespan at higher wattage. Recently, the OSLON Square will be utilized in ALTLED’s floodlights and streetlights, which include high wattage lamps at 200W to 500W, which are powerful, robust, and super bright. With OSLON Square’s improved efficiency, the LED lamps will also reduce energy consumption and shorten R.O.I. duration.

Altled products are already known for the ability to withstand high heat even in boiling water due to ALT’s patented heat sink Glacier Edge technology and high quality self-developed driver. Now with the improved temperature behavior of OSLON Square, Altled will have an even greater advantage with product lifespan and luminous efficacy. The new OSLON Square has a color temperature ranging between 2,400K and 5,000K with CRI over 80 and typical brightness at 209 lumen at 3000 K, allowing suitability for interior lighting.

Partnering with large LED manufacturers such as OSRAM Opto Semiconductors stands for high quality products. Product quality and safety are ALT’s first and foremost concerns, and therefore ALT uses only the best LED components on the market, combined with ALT’s structural and design expertise.

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