“LED Light for you” app for mobile product searches

The right accessories for every LED

The LLFY Selector App by OSRAM Opto SemiconductorsOSRAM Opto Semiconductors service “LED Light for you” (LLFY) helps customers around the world to find customer-centric and standardized product solutions. First set up in 2006, the LLFY network provides technical know-how on all things LED. For a while now, acquiring the necessary information has been even easier and faster: with a free app – the LLFY Selector – which can be used on smartphones or tablets. The app is both iOS- and Android-compatible and can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store. A desktop version of this new app is also available. The advantages of the app are self-evident: questions that would previously have required a visit to the website can now be answered on the move. The special feature of this app is that it covers the greatest number of suppliers worldwide. As a result, users can find the most suitable available accessories for their LEDs quickly, easily and conveniently.

Customized product search

The main purpose of the app is to help users find products. Four categories are available for this: LED solutions, electronic control systems, optics and heat management. Partners are easy to find for each of these categories with the LLFY app. What is more, such features as lumens, color temperature, viewing angle and application can be preselected and images of the individual products viewed. The right LED for an application can be selected in advance. The app helps users to order the components they have selected directly from the relevant partner. At present, the product range includes lenses, reflectors, LED modules, power supply units and heat sinks.

The app is generally targeted at all LED users, but particularly at customers in the general lighting domain. Specifically, the app could, for instance, prove useful if suitable special optics needed to be found during the development of a product. The LLFY app could help the developers find standard solutions to match the product. The advantage here is that any items found would already exist and hence be quicker and less expensive to obtain. Simply put, the app offers a simple means of combining a specific LED with matching accessories.

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