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New SOLERIQ S 19 product versions with two different CRIs and additional lumen packages

SOLERIQ S Application ImageOSRAM Opto Semiconductors launches new product versions of the SOLERIQ S 19 with two different color rendering indexes (CRI). As with all versions of the S 19 the new LEDs can be used in all applications where high lumen packages from a compact light source are needed. They are especially suited for professional downlight and spotlight applications, for example in shop and office environments.

The new OSRAM SOLERIQ S 19 LEDs are available with color rendering indexes (CRI) 80 and 90. There are two CRI 80 versions with brightness values of 2000 and 5000 lumens (lm) and three CRI 90 LEDs with 2000, 3000 and 5000 lm. An S 19 LED with CRI 80 and 3000 lm has already been launched. As with all SOLERIQ S 19 LEDs the new products are based on the standards defined by Zhaga and have a light-emitting surface with a diameter of 19 mm.

With the new product versions OSRAM Opto Semiconductors now offers one LED family (SOLERIQ) with similar package size and various lumen and CRI options, so customers neither have to change optic and reflector design nor connectors when upgrading their product range. Furthermore, the LEDs can be driven in low-current mode to achieve even higher efficacies or in high-current mode to achieve high light output. In this way, different requirements of luminaires can be met with the same set of optics and holders.

When installed in lamps and luminaires, the new SOLERIQ S 19 LEDs can be used for professional downlight applications in offices and shops but also for hospitality lighting. They offer a high flexibility in this context: If customers want to implement lighting solutions in rooms with lower ceilings, e. g. offices, they can choose the S 19 version with 2000 lm. If rooms with high ceilings are to be illuminated (e. g. shopping malls), an LED with a high lumen package is the perfect choice.

All SOLERIQ LEDs are based on Chip-on-Board technology. This technology guarantees a uniform color and light appearance thanks to the close arrangement of the chips beneath a conversion layer. The LEDs are very simple to work with as they are screwed to the heat sink with a connector. Then the connecting wires just need to be inserted into the connectors provided and fixed in place. There is no longer any need for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering. Accessories such as connectors, optics and drivers tailored to the SOLERIQ family can be obtained by the OSRAM partner network LED Light for you (LLFY). Customers can either go to the LLFY website or use the free “LLFY Selector” app so they can find the perfect products on the move.

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