OSLON Square: New family members with higher performance

New LEDs feature better color stability and lumen maintenance throughout the operational lifetime

OSLON Square LEDOSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents the second generation of its OSLON Square LED family. The color stability and the lumen maintenance of the new product versions are significantly better than its predecessors. Lower thermal resistance, an extended range of driving conditions as well as an increased junction temperature are further characteristics of the new LEDs. The new OSLON Square are available in three different color rendering indexes (CRI) and CCTs (correlated color temperature) between 2,400 and 6,500 Kelvin.

As its predecessors, the new OSLON Square LEDs withstand high ambient temperatures particularly well. The reason for this is a further optimized heat dissipation, that allows an increased junction temperature. With that, the lifetime of the new products have been further improved over its predecessors, that have shown a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours at typical application condition.

To ensure that the colors of several LEDs in a luminaire remain uniform even at higher temperatures, the OSLON Square are measured and binned at 85 degrees Celsius (°C), a temperature that comes very close to that encountered in real lighting applications. The new LEDs can be used for various lighting applications depending on the CRI and CCT of the chosen product. The CRI 70 versions can be inserted in luminaires for outdoor lighting, street and tunnel lighting or industrial lighting. The CRI 80 and 90 LEDs are perfect for spotlights and accent lighting in shops and museums, for stage lighting or inserted in retrofits and fixtures.

With the new product versions OSRAM Opto Semiconductors enlarges its OSLON Square family. All members have the same footprint (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm), the same viewing angle of 120° as well as the characteristics mentioned above. Furthermore, the LEDs are certified under the LM-80 long lifetime quality standard.

Further information on the OSLON Square series is available on our product charts.