ANSI recognizes need for LED driver testing standards

Jianzhong Jiao reports on ANSI efforts that will deliver driver testing standards commensurate with the standards the SSL industry has in place to test light-centric characteristics of lamps and luminaires.

The first LED lighting test standard (IES LM-79) was published in 2008 and since then, many related standard documents focused on testing have been developed or are currently in development by the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). But the driver electronics in a solid-state lighting (SSL) product has been one area that lacked an accepted testing standard. Now ANSI has developed a standard for testing drivers that should allow SSL product developers to more accurately compare and specify drivers, ensuring robust system-level reliability and performance.

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