“Did you know that…

….LEDs are hiding everywhere?”

Did you knowEvery time we watch sports in a stadium or on TV we come across advertisements in the form of perimeter advertising. But did you know that it is LEDs which make sure that spectators, watching even the most exciting of football matches, see advertising clearly and distinctly? Indeed, they do! However, LEDs are not intended for entertainment but for attracting attention to advertisements. Thousands of light spots inside video walls help create huge advertising messages.

This is just one example of an application that uses LEDs. Nowadays, LEDs are hidden in a wide range of products and applications – sometimes we are aware of them, but there are more and more cases in which we would have never imagined that they are being used there as well. In fact, every day we come across LEDs several times without noticing, because many people only think of LEDs as a source of light used in the home and are not aware that they are already being used in various other ways.

The OSRAM Opto Semiconductors series “Did you know that…?” focuses on this issue. At regular intervals, specific case studies are being introduced, concentrating on laser shows, video walls or even the illumination of the Sistine Chapel. This series is intended to highlight how often LEDs can be found around us in our daily lives without us even noticing and the way in which LEDs can make our lives easier.

This campaign helps to raise awareness of how many LEDs are accompanying every one of us every day and to ensure that in the future there might be more moments when we realize that it is only LEDs that bring a couple of things around us to life.

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