True Colors – SOLERIQ S 13 offers more natural color rendering

SOLERIQ S 13 OSRAM LED Application

SOLERIQ S 13 was first launched in August 2013. Now there is a version with a high color rendering index (CRI) greater than 90. It joins the existing S 13 LEDs which have a good CRI of more than 80. Thanks to the particularly natural color rendering, the new light emitting diode is ideal for hotel lobbies and restaurants because wherever people gather and food is served it is very important for the artificial light to be as natural as possible.

The latest version shares all the benefits of the existing S 13. The light emitting diode offers a high brightness of 1500 lm (at 4000 K and 500 mA) and is available in warm white and neutral white color temperatures. Installed in LED retrofits or LED luminaires, it can replace high-wattage halogen spotlights – especially in shop, hospitality and high-end domestic lighting.

Like all the LEDs in the SOLERIQ family, the S 13 is based on chip-on-board technology in which the individual chips are packed very close together in a round and located under the converter filled encapsulation. The LEDs all offer very high light output and are easy to install because in contrast to conventional high-power LEDs there is no need for SMT soldering. Adhesive, screws or holders are all that are required. The diameter of all the OSRAM SOLERIQ product versions is based on the objectives of the international consortium for the standardization of LED light sources (Zhaga) in which various manufacturers in the lighting industry are involved, including OSRAM.

For more information on the SOLERIQ family go to our product charts or our product catalog. Support for holders and optics is available from the LED Light for you network.