OSRAM LEDs: Live on Stage

Ayrton Magic Panel with OSRAM OSTAR Stage LED

The half-time show at Super Bowl 2014, the final of the American National Football League, is always an eagerly awaited mix of live music and a spectacular light show, and this year it was watched by more than 800 million people throughout the world. And taking center stage was the OSRAM OSTAR Stage LED – fitted in MagicPanelTM 602 moving heads from the French manufacturer Ayrton.

High power on the move

Ayrton MagicPanelTM 602 units are moving head projectors which are used extensively for stage lighting. They can move with complete freedom – in both the tilt and swivel directions – always illuminating the area of the stage with extremely precise focus. In 2013 the MagicPanels were honored with the LDI Award for Best Debut Product in the Projection category.

Each moving head is equipped with 36 OSRAM OSTAR Stage LEDs, arranged in a six by six square. Each LED produces a bright beam of light thanks to its high luminance of 48 million candela per square meter (Mcd/m²) and can be individually controlled. If all the LEDs are used at the same time they produce an enormous luminous flux of around 14,000 lumen, just right for stage shows. With its extremely low-profile design and glass cover with anti-reflective coating, the OSRAM OSTAR Stage provides the basis for compact spotlights with an extremely narrow beam. This LED is therefore ideal for use in moving head spotlights on stage, but also for booth lighting at trade fairs and for architectural lighting.

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