SOLERIQ P 9 OSRAM LED Application Lightfair 2014SOLERIQ P 9 complements OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ innovative SOLERIQ range. The new LEDs are optimized for high candela per watt (cd/W) designs, easy to use with Chip-on-Board design with no SMT assembly required. A very small light emitting surface (LES) enables easy optical design, hard edges and  a sparkling lit appearance.

To make system design effortless, the SOLERIQ P 9 has only a single color bin and is specified at 85 °C to mimic the temperatures typically found in directional applications. The small LES of only 9 mm diameter enables system designs with very small optics and world class center beam candlepower (CBCP). Hence only one SOLERIQ P 9 can replace a traditional 35 W HID lamp while maintaining a compact form factor.

Stop by the OSRAM booth to view the SOLERIQ P 9 LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2014, booth #3108.

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SOLERIQ P 9 OSRAM LED Lightfair 2014