DURIS S 8 OSRAM LED Application Lightfair 2014Small, Simple, Smart…OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is setting new standards once again with its DURIS S 8 LED. The S 8 is a revolutionary compact high-power LED for indoor illumination, including directional and omnidirectional retrofit lamps that will be featured at Lightfair this year.

With high luminous flux, high forward voltage and high color consistency out of one small LED package, the DURIS S 8 provides totally new opportunities for all indoor lighting and especially directional retrofit applications.

The DURIS S 8 allows different luminous flux packages with only one LED type. It saves costs on secondary parts within the luminaire, reduces assembly efforts and simplifies logistics. DURIS S 8 also offers higher lifetime and higher possible solder point temperatures compared to PPA packages. And with its higher forward voltage it optimizes driver efficiency and costs.

Binning for the DURIS S 8 simplifies the design of luminaires.  The color consistency defined by this binning is within 5-step SDCM MacAdam Ellipse. For projects with the highest demand for color consistency, a premium selection corresponding to a 3-step SDCM MacAdam Ellipse is also available.

Stop by the OSRAM booth to view the DURIS S 8 LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2014, booth #3108.

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DURIS S 8 OSRAM LED Lightfair 2014