DURIS S 5 OSRAM LED Application Lightfair 2014The DURIS S 5 is a compact mid-power LED with 3 x 3 mm footprint in three different luminous flux packages for indoor general lighting. It provides flexibility in forward voltage and luminous flux with high lifetime, even at high temperatures.

The three different luminous flux packages for the mid-power LED are: optimized for cost (GW PSLLS1.EC), optimized for lm/W (GW PSLMS1.EC) and luminous flux (GW PSLPS1.EC).

The DURIS S 5 can be used in a variety of applications: from indoor lighting like retrofits and downlights to modules and luminaires for industrial lighting.

With higher lifetime and higher solder point temperatures compared to standard PPA packages, the DURIS S 5 is available in various luminous flux packages, saving costs on secondary parts within the luminaire. With its higher voltage option of 6V forward voltage, DURIS S 5 optimizes driver efficiency and costs.  It’s even possible to over-drive these LEDs for higher lumens per dollar.

Another great feature of the DURIS S 5 LED is its small symmetrical footprint, making it ideal for applications where tight clustering is necessary.

Stop by the OSRAM booth to view the DURIS S 5 LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2014, booth #3108.

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DURIS S 5 OSRAM LED Lightfair 2014