OSRAM Presents the “LLFY Selector” App

Mobile support by LED Light for you network

LED Light for you AppCustomers are now being given product search support through the OSRAM “LED Light for you” partner network (LLFY) in the form of an app, making product searches easier and quicker than ever before. As the name “LLFY Selector” suggests, this app has been designed specifically to find products.

“LED Light for you” is the first corporate network to have an app presence. If customers have questions about products for their specific LED lighting solutions they either go to the LLFY website or now use the free app so they can find products on the move. With just a few clicks they can select the most important criteria to find the partner product that is right for them, access image material and inquire about the necessary components directly through an appropriate sales channel.

So far, the “LLFY Selector” app contains lenses, reflectors, LED modules, power supplies and heat sinks. The app will be expanded step by step in the near future with the addition of more product categories.

The app can be used on smartphones and on tablets with the iOS or Android operating system and is now available in the App Store and in the Google PlayTM Store.

For more information and to download the app click here