A real eye catcher: luminous textiles

OSRAM LEDs bring out unique features in Forster Rohner products


Forster Rohner e-broidery® technology represents a new dimension in the design of textile surfaces with active lighting.

The Swiss company Forster Rohner AG with its business unit Textile Innovations uses PointLEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to make its textiles shine. The products range from curtains with integrated LEDs to lamp shades and haute couture. The PointLED’s round shape blends in ideally with the textile materials. This new, extraordinary area of application proves once more that there are hardly any limits to the small light emitting diode’s versatility, and that they can be used for more than just general, industrial or automotive lighting.

Round, compact, through-hole assembly

The most obvious difference between PointLEDs and conventional SMT-LEDs is their round package. That is how the LEDs can be fitted perfectly into standard holes on the smallest of printed circuit boards. Perfect, flat through-hole assembly. That means that the LED package disappears in the printed circuit board and does not protrude from the surface the way it does with conventional LED components. This creates an even surface where further components such as light guides, controls or a keyboard can easily be mounted or connected. In terms of assembly, OSRAM PointLEDs are extremely flexible, however, and can also be applied using standard surface mount technology (SMT), in addition to through-hole assembly. They have also been specifically developed for applications with limited available space, which is why the package diameter is only 2 mm and the total height 0.775 mm. The reflector itself is only 0.5 mm high and can therefore be ideally integrated into thin printed circuit boards too, or textiles in this case.

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