The next generation: new DURIS E 5 with improved properties

DURIS E 5 OSRAM LED ApplicationThe E series in the DURIS product family is moving into the next generation. Like the other DURIS E 5 products, the new DURIS E 5 (GW JDSMS1.EC) is a mid-power LED which rejuvenates the OSRAM portfolio in this output range. Compared with the predecessor version (LCW / LUW JDSI.EC) it offers a greatly improved price/performance ratio and is now available with the high CRI of more than 90 (typically 95). It therefore complements the existing LED versions which have a color rendering index greater than 70 and greater than 80.

In view of the improved thermal resistance of 25 K/W instead of 38 K/W the new DURIS version does not get as hot, which translates into greater efficiency. Only small heat sinks therefore need to be provided to cool the LED, which in turn makes thermal management much simpler. The lower typical forward voltage of only 3.1 V is yet another factor in favor of greater efficiency, which is now 120 lm/W compared to 112 lm/W for the predecessor version (at a CRI of 80 and 5000 K). This represents an increase of 7 percent.

The natural color rendering of the new high CRI version makes it ideal for use in classic LED retrofits and for applications in which the requirements for good quality of light are particularly high. It can be used as a replacement for fluorescent lamps in reception areas and conference rooms, or can provide natural light when installed in downlights or linear luminaires.

All these improved product characteristics are the result of numerous innovative developments from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors which have all found their way into the new version of the DURIS E 5. Customers now have access to a modern and extremely efficient component in the latest generation of LEDs.

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