SOLERIQ S 19: Larger illuminated surface, higher efficiency

The ideal LED for all directional light sources

SOLERIQ S 19 OSRAM LED The launch of the SOLERIQ S 19 will add another member to the S series of the SOLERIQ LED family. Compared to its sister product, the S 13, this new 19-mm-diameter version will have a larger light-emitting surface based on the standards defined by Zhaga. The S 19 has a particularly high efficiency of 120 lm/W at high operating temperatures (TJ = 85°C).

As with all versions of the SOLERIQ, the S 19 is extremely bright. At operating temperatures of 85 °C, the LED achieves a high luminous flux of 3950 lm at a color temperature of 4000 K. This is highly advantageous in terms of luminaire design as only one component now needs to be installed rather than several LEDs. What’s more, the chip-on-board LED guarantees a uniform color and light appearance thanks to the close arrangement of the chips beneath a conversion layer.

Spot lighting in the professional sectorSOLERIQ S 19 OSRAM LED Application

When installed in LED lamps and luminaires, the SOLERIQ S 19 can replace all directional light sources such as spotlights or downlights. OSRAM’s new light-emitting diode is primarily intended for professional applications: It provides high-quality basic lighting in shopping malls, office and industrial buildings and in high-end residential properties.

Like the S 13, the new high-power LED is very simple to work with: The LED is screwed to the heat sink with a mount. Then the connecting wires just need to be inserted into the connectors provided and fixed in place. There is no longer any need for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering.


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