LED Light for you (LLFY) Partner Highlights

Two New Partner LED Modules

The two new LED modules from our LLFY partners are both compact, powerful and made to plug and play.   These modules are designed by our partner Cezos in cooperation with Infineon and LEDIL.

DURIS S 8 24V Design: 390lm @ 3000 K

DURIS S 8 24V BoardThe DURIS 24V Design consists of one OSRAM Opto Semiconductors DURIS S 8 LED, the Infineon BCR421U Reflector Demo Board and is compatible with the LEDIL Mirella Reflector.   This module is made to be used in retrofits and fixtures, accent and effect lighting, professional downlights, shop lighting, spotlights and PAR replacement.

It operates on a 24V DC standard power supply with its’ integrated current driver and is dimmable via PWM up to 10KHz, by using either an additional transistor or an external PWM unit.

Additional Features:

-High lumen output of 390lm

-High efficiency of 81lm/W

-Low price per lm

-Small color tolerance


-Long lifetime

-Parallel connection of multiple modules is easily achieved (like many halogen systems)

-Thermal protection / regulation

-Polarity protection

-Hot plugging

-Compatible with LEDIL Mirella reflector


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PowerLED Module for OSLON SSL and OSLON Square LEDs

PowerLED Module for OSLON LEDsThis LED module is an advanced light source designed for great energy efficiency and eco-friendly indoor lighting.  It is based on the OSLON SSL and OSLON Square LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and a LEDIL Lisa 2 PIN.  The module is ideal for light fixtures, LED torches and jewelry display units.  It is one of the smallest high power modules on the market, at only 10mm.



Additional Features:

-High efficiency of up to 138 lm/W

-Can be used with or without lens

-MCPCB LED module

-Small luminous flux tolerances

-Available in a variety of color temperatures: 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, and 5700 K

-Long lifetime of 50,000 hours

-Compact size of 10mm

-Low price

-Excellent thermal design


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