New Printed Circuit Board Design for DURIS S 8

Free Gerber file for our latest LED

DURIS S 8 OSRAM LED GerberA new Gerber file for the DURIS S 8 LED has been added to our Printed Circuit Board Design Page.  This Gerber is for a standard metal core star board that can be used for testing and prototyping purposes on multiple LED applications with DURIS S 8 LEDs.  DURIS S 8 is offered in two different versions at two different lumen levels. Having the same footprint for both versions provides the flexibility to use the same board to evaluate both versions. This board is ideal for testing and prototyping of applications that require higher flux, but have tight spacing requirements. Applications such as MR16 will only need one DURIS S 8 LEDs to provide enough light for even a 50W replacement.

All of our printed circuit board design files, with various standard designs (Gerber files), are available to download for FREE. The downloads can be used for prototyping and proof of concept for complex designs with various shapes (linear boards, star boards, etc…) with different OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED footprints. If you don’t have a Gerber viewer, you can download the Free ViewMate Gerber Viewer from Pentalogix from our web page.  By utilizing these free tools, you will be able to download the Gerber files, view mechanical dimensions and purchase LEDs compatible with the boards.  Our Tools page is a one stop shop for free online tools for general lighting LEDs that can be accessed 24/7.

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