LEDnovation bulbs shine with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs

The LEDnovation Bright For Life® BR30 LED lamp was recently honored at the 2013 American Lighting Association Conference.

LEDnovation, a leader in the development of LED replacement lamps, accepted winning honors in the 2013 Lighting for Tomorrow competition for their Bright For Life® BR30 LED Warm Dimming lamps. The competition challenges manufacturers to meet consumer expectations through continuous design improvement of their products and technologies coupled with increasing market acceptance and awareness of energy efficient lighting.

The winning LEDnovation product is illuminated with OSLON LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Employing LEDnovation trichromatic color concept, the BR30 lamps deliver a high CRI of 93 coupled with a color temperature of 2700.  The OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs deliver warm white light with high efficiency and a high color rendering index and demonstrate what can be achieved with semiconductor light sources.

LEDnovation’s Bright for Life® BR30 lamps break new ground in the LED lighting industry with the most accurate representation of true incandescent and halogen dimming. Featuring a unique digital dimming control, trichromatic color solution and customized dimming profile algorithms, the lamp, when dimmed, follows the black body planckian locus with exceptional fidelity. The result is the industry’s first lamp with the true look and feel across the entire dimming range of a traditional incandescent BR30.

By providing superior performance, higher efficiency and longer life, LED lighting continues to gain acceptance for a growing number of applications. LEDnovation’s energy efficient Bright For Life® LED BR30 reduces the frequency of replacement by offering 25 times of lifetime of an equivalent incandescent BR30 lamp, a critical attribute for reducing maintenance costs.

Congratulations to LEDnovation on this accomplishment! For more information on this award winning LED bulb, visit http://www.lednovation.com/

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