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Stage LightingLEDs and laser diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offer new opportunities and freedom of design for all kinds of stage lighting, show laser, moving head, see-through and video wall applications. With perfect products in every performance class, the stage no longer has to be simply a means to an end, but can evolve into a spectacle of its own. OSRAM products meet all important requirements for concert hall illumination and imaging applications as individual addressability of each color, high contrast, high fill factor and high luminance.

Our star – the OSRAM OSTAR Stage
With their much flatter profile the new OSRAM OSTAR Stage LED provide the basis for compact spotlights with an extremely narrow beam and high luminance. These LEDs are ideal for moveable stage lights, known as moving heads, which provide powerful light beams for rock concerts and other impressive lighting arrangements.

Four versions of the OSRAM OSTAR Stage LED are available, the Multi Color (RGBW RGB), the pure white and now the tunable white. Two warm-white and two cold-white chips, arranged diagonally in the package, not only enable colors to be mixed perfectly at component level but also allow all white tones between color temperatures of 2700 Kelvin (K) (warm white) and 10,000 K (cold white) to be produced with appropriate control. The LED achieves a high color rendering index of 94 for warm white and 74 for cold white.

The range of applications is therefore now greater than ever before. With so many colors and configurations lamp designers have a virtually unlimited set of options for spotlights of any size, from small stage spots to large moving heads.

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The acting company for a wide range of applications
The wide range of entertainment applications can be addressed by various other OSRAM products – LEDs and lasers designed for special customer needs and requirements.

Individual addressability of each color, high contrast thanks to small reflector size, premium contrast thanks to completely black housing and premium intensity thanks to classic black surface.

Individual addressability of each color, improved fill factor thanks to optimized reflector surface, premium contrast thanks to completely black housing and premium intensity thanks to classic black surface.

Higher power handling capability for creative imaging applications, crossover between imaging and lighting.

Visible Laser
Their high beam quality, high modulation capability and small form factor make OSRAM blue and green diode lasers ideal as light sources for compact and highly efficient laser systems for stage lighting.

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