New Application Notes

Three new application notes have recently been added to our website.  These new application notes are informational and useful to product developers, design engineers, optical engineers, managers, students, lighting specifiers and application engineers.  The titles of the application notes are: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Technologies for LED Applications, The Basic Principles of Electrical Overstress (EOS) and Thermal Management of Light Sources Based on SMD LEDs.

PCB Technologies for LED Applications provides a general survey of the various available Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technologies for use in LED applications. Thanks to direct conversion of electrical current to light (optical radiation) in the semiconductor, LEDs are highly efficient – more efficient than most traditional light sources.  This application note summarizes why PCBs need to be individually designed according to the specific assembly and specific requirements of the complete system.

The Basic Principles of Electrical Overstress (EOS) describes the basic principles of one of the failure modes of LEDs – electrical overstress.  LEDs should be operated below the absolute maximum electrical ratings specified in the manufacturer’s data sheet in order to safeguard their reliability and service life, as well as to ensure that the LED is operated safely. One factor that contributes to LED failure in LED circuits and systems is electrical overstress (EOS). This application note describes the nature of EOS, explains how it differs from electrostatic discharge (ESD), discusses its causes, outlines EOS-related damage and provides information on how an LED can be protected from EOS.

Thermal Management of Light Sources Based on SMD LEDs is an introduction to the basic principles of heat transfer and its influence on LED applications using thermal management at different system levels.  Relevant characteristics are described and discussed in this application note.

For more helpful application notes on LEDs please visit our Applications Notes webpage where you can find application notes on topics such as ESD Protection while handling LEDs, Comparison of LED circuits and Ambient Light Sensors – General App Note. Product and application specific notes come in handy when you have selected an LED for your project, such as Thermal Management of Golden DRAGON LED and Street lighting with LED sources.

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