DURIS E 5 LEDs in Linear Luminaires by Luxon

Lighting solutions for supermarkets

The use of LEDs in linear luminaires’ production poses a big challenge. Fixtures of this type should be characterized by high efficiency, uniform light distribution and an attractive design. Given these characteristics, designers at Luxon have created the luminaire “Intel: LED Linea” based on the OSRAM LED series DURIS E 5. Thanks to aluminum profiles, the luminaire acts as a heat sink for mounted LEDs providing conditions in which the temperature difference between the DURIS Supermarketsurroundings and the solder point temperature does not exceed 20˚ C. This, in turn, provides a lifetime of 50,000 hours for a 30 percent level of degradation of the luminous flux. A special installation system allows adjusting the angle of the light in such a way as to direct the beams at the floor or product shelves. With an efficacy over 120 lm / W of the DURIS E 5 LEDs the luminaire reaches 90 lm / W system efficiency. The stability of color temperature, which makes all the fixtures light in the same way, is very important as well.

“For almost two years we use only OSRAM LEDs in our products. Not only because of their high efficiency and very good light quality, but also because of the great sales support offered by OSRAM”, says Mr. Marek Ostrowski, Luxon’s Product Development Director.

Luxon specializes in commercial and industry luminaires, which includes linear trunking systems. The following picture shows the implementation at Stokrotka Supermarket in Lublin, Poland.

DURIS Supermarket 2“It is extremely difficult to prepare good lighting solutions for grocery stores. We use Luxon luminaires for more than six months now and we are very satisfied with the result”, says Ms. Ewelina Dorosz from Stokrotka.

In the Stokrotka Supermarket 152 “Intel: LED Line” luminaires, 1.5 meters in size, have been installed, using more than 22,000 DURIS E 5 LEDs (color temperature 4000 K) driven with 116 mA. The “Intel: LED Line” with LEDs from OSRAM saves more than 50 percent energy compared to the solutions based on T8 fluorescent lamps. These luminaires ensure maintenance-free operation for at least five years.

Technical data for the DURIS E 5 LEDs can be found in the product catalog

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