DURIS S 5 – longer life at higher application temperatures

OSRAM expands the DURIS LED family for indoor linear and area lighting

DURIS S 5 is the latest high-tech addition to the DURIS LED family from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. The new LED component has a lifetime of more than 35,000 hours and can withstand application temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius – much higher than other components. DURIS S 5 is ideal for indoor lighting, including retrofits, downlights and panel luminaires.

The DURIS S 5 package is made from highly robust synthetic material that is resistant to aging caused by high temperatures and short wavelength blue light. Compared with LEDs using different packaging materials, the new DURIS has a lifetime of more than 35,000 hours, even at solder point temperatures up to 105°C. “This innovative LED package makes the component robust and cost-effective which is then reflected in the luminaire manufacturing costs for our customers,” said Marc Dyble, Product Manager Marketing SSL at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

The new DURIS is ideal for retrofits and luminaires in both linear and area indoor lighting applications, including offices, hotel lobbies and museums. Because of the small square footprint, compact clusters can be formed, resulting in smaller PCB sizes and overall smaller lamp dimensions. Furthermore the small and round light emitting surface of the LED allows for efficient coupling into secondary optics such as lenses and reflectors.

Three chip options, three brightness and efficacy levels

The new DURIS S 5 is available in three versions with different chip options, resulting in three different brightness levels in the same package size. The first and brightest version is ideal for downlights and LED retrofits applications where a large amount of light has to be emitted from a small surface area. At 3000 K and CRI 80, it achieves 97 lumens (lm) and an efficacy of more than 100 lumen per watt (lm/W) at an operating current of 150 milliamps (mA). Optimized for a forward voltage of approximately six volts (V) means driver solutions can be more efficient, improving the cost-effectiveness of the overall system.

The second version is designed for high efficacy, achieving 125 lm/W at 65 mA with 24 lm at 3000 K. This version is specially designed for use in panel luminaires and linear retrofits in which individual light points should not be visible and low energy consumption is an important consideration.

A third version of DURIS S 5 has a slightly lower efficacy and is designed to optimize system costs. It achieves an efficacy of 113 lm/W with a brightness of 28 lm – also at 3000 K. “With DURIS S 5 we can offer our customers the greatest possible choice. Depending on whether a customer needs components for high brightness, high efficacy or a good average of the two, they can choose the right LED for the right luminaire,” said Dyble.

The Lumen and Chromaticity Maintenance Test Report (IES LM-80-08) is under way.

For more information on the new OSRAM DURIS S 5 see our product charts.

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