Horticultural Lighting LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2012

There’s an interesting trend happening with light used to stimulate and promote plant growth, also known as horticultural lighting.  What’s happening is a transition from using traditional light sources to using LED light sources.  A key reason is because LEDs can deliver the wavelengths plants like and respond to.  According to recent studies, plants are more sensitive to particular wavelengths of light, especially light in the red and blue spectrum.  When exposed to these specific wavelengths, plants demonstrate increased chlorophyll absorption and photosynthesis, which translates to more robust crops.

LEDs also offer other “green” benefits of reduced energy consumption and a reduction in the amount of fertilizer required to get a similar yield.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors have the perfect LEDs for horticultural lighting applications. The Golden DRAGON Plus and OSLON SSL LEDs are both available in hyper-red 660 nanometer and in 450 nanometer deep-blue. Both of the wavelengths plants like the best.

See the latest LEDs for horticultural lighting at LIGHTFAIR 2012 in the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors booth #2114.

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