LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Light Up Entrance of New “Stachus Passagen” in Munich

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED LightOSRAM Opto Semiconductors is now represented in the bustling city-center square in the underground area of Munich’s Karlsplatz roundabout. The challenge was to implement the lighting concept in the entrance area of the newly redesigned station (for the S-Bahn suburban network and U-Bahn city metro). The result is a Stachus with brilliant illumination and a low requirement for maintenance resources.

In the course of the eleven-month refurbishment project beneath the Stachus, a total of 65,000 LEDs sourced from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors were installed. Two different LED types were installed in the process: for the facade lighting and for the architectural upgrading of the entrance area, as well as for the backlighting of a bronze-colored glass facade, 15,000 cold-white Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs were used. They supply a bright and even illumination, without scattered light or dazzle, and with low power consumption. An additional factor is the good color rendering index of the LED light sources: this provides a natural color impression and thus a higher level of safety, due to a clear contoured environment.

The handrail, 700 meters long in total, is illuminated by 50,000 warm-white TOPLEDs. For construction reasons, the stairs were only able to be illuminated via the handrail – however, it was supposed to brightly illuminate the entire surface of the steps. As the lighting for the stairs also simultaneously serves as emergency lighting, powered by a battery in the event of a shutdown of electricity, the need was for lamps with low power consumption: thanks to TOPLED, 18 meters of handrail illumination requires a mere 100 Watt. In this way, the project in the underground area at Stachus saw the realization of not only an optically appealing, but also an energy-efficient lighting concept.