Aldo Kamper gives 4 Ways to Improve LEDs

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors President & CEO, Aldo Kamper, recently published on, 4 Ways to Improve the Already-Disruptive Technology of LEDs.

Aldo Kamper

Light emitting diode (LED) technology has made remarkable progress in the last decade. In recent years, the LED market has seen consistent double-digit growth and technological advancements have expanded their functionality and capabilities while improving efficiency.

While strong short- to mid-term market growth for LEDs has been driven mainly by television backlighting, mid- to long-term growth for the market will be driven primarily by lighting applications.

The growth potential for solid-state lighting is constantly expanding as LED technology continues to improve. LEDs can now compete with essentially all traditional lighting technologies and it is by far the fastest growing technology with the highest potential.

In fact, LED technology has made so much progress that the end of the efficacy race is coming into sight. We can expect to reach economical limits for efficacy in this decade, making efficiency critical on every step of the value chain, from the microchip level to the full system.

Despite the unprecedented market growth and remarkable technical milestones that LEDs have achieved, there are four key areas of where there is room for future optimization.

Aldo Kamper expands on the four key areas; Cost, Quality, Fit and Intelligence in the full article on