LED Street Lighting Helps Reduce Energy Consumption in Russia

The Russian city of Kazan requires two-thirds less energy thanks to LEDEL’s efficient street lighting with OSRAM Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs.

The city’s 500 streetlamps use Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors – these LEDs have been developed specifically to meet the particular requirements for efficient lighting solutions. They enable brighter and more evenly spread lighting without scattered light or glare and with significantly lower power consumption. There is also the favorable color-rendering index of LED light sources – it provides a natural color impression and improves safety by outlining the surroundings more clearly.

But this is just the beginning – after these positive results Kazan is already planning to convert two other city wards to energy-efficient LED street lighting. “OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs are the first choice solution for this job – their years of experience and understanding of street lighting requirements characterize our longstanding association”, says LEDEL CEO Artur Kogdaning.

Street lighting with LED is not only in demand in Russia – increasing numbers of German cities and towns recognize the energy-saving potential of LED lighting solutions – especially as their quite often out-dated public lighting has imposed high costs on regional and local government in Germany. Street lighting based on LED technology is the ideal alternative to conventional solutions.