LED Solutions for Kitchens of all kinds

Cooking should be something to experience and enjoy. A kitchen which exudes a pleasant atmosphere and is a nice place to spend time in is what both – amateur and pro chefs – desire. Brilliant lighting plays a major role in creating this ambience. OSRAM recently presented the effects that can be achieved with LED lighting solutions at the international LivingKitchen show for professionals and consumers in Cologne.

Lighting options in kitchens are multifaceted, ranging from workspace lighting over illumination of cabinets or shelves to spotlighting of distinct points. Intelligent and efficient LED-based lighting solutions are available for all requirements. They are distinguished not only by their compact size, which means they can be ideally included in various designs, but also by their brilliant white or colored light – depending on what color scheme is to be used for the kitchen. LEDs only release a small amount of heat, and the low energy consumption and extra long operating life of the LEDs make them a particularly economical solution.

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