Jean-Pierre Lauret and John-Michael Ermel, Gaggione – Featured Presenters at LED Light for you System Design Workshop North America

Gaggione was established in 1948 in France, and for more then 60 years they’ve been providing comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of thermoplastic-based products. Gaggione has extensive knowledge in the areas of optical and mechanical design as well as strong technical experience with their own internal tools including a 4 axes diamond turning machine.  Gaggione offers solutions from design to production of optical components designed for LED-based lighting applications.

Gaggione Senior Optical Engineer Jean-Pierre Lauret and North America General Manager John-Michael Ermel will deliver a presentation titled “Solving the Optics Equation for Effective Luminaire Design” at the LED Light for you System Design Workshop in San Diego on October 28.

Learn more about the LED Light for you System Design Workshop at /events/led-light-for-you-workshop-north-america.