DK Thermal Solutions – Featured Exhibitor at LED Light for you System Design Workshop North America

Headquartered in the UK and established as a separate entity in 2007, DK Thermal Solutions is the leading independent producer of thermally effective PCB’s in Europe. It was formed within the TCL group, parent company of Daleba Electronics and Mode Lighting. The establishment of DK Thermal Solutions not only allowed the company to provide high volume manufacturing, it also expanded the company’s operations to the United States and Asia.  LED lighting experts from DK Thermal Solutions work closely with device manufacturers and assemblers to understand all aspects of LED applications from thermal efficiency to surface finishes.

Be sure to stop by DK Thermal Solutions’s exhibit at the LED Light for you System Design Workshop in San Diego on October 28, to learn more about thermal solutions and thermal management substrates.

Learn more about the LED Light for you System Design Workshop at /events/led-light-for-you-workshop-north-america.