LIGHTFAIR Highlight: Breakthrough ORBEOS OLED Lighting Product

OSRAM_OLED_product_ORBEOS1093748OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has introduced the first commercial application of a technology that promises to vastly expand the range of lighting solutions for businesses and homes. The new ORBEOS OLED panel is an ultra-thin organic LED (OLED) that emits pleasant, diffused light while consuming a fraction of the power used by conventional light sources.

Light, thin, glare-free and warm white, ORBEOS is the first OLED light source from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for premium quality functional lighting. The new energy-efficient surface emitting panel is especially suited to applications in the premium segment such as architecture, hotels, catering, offices, private homes and shops.

The ORBEOS OLED panel (CDW-031), is only 2.1 mm (.08 inches) thick. It is 80 mm (3.15 inches) in diameter and weighs 24 grams (.8 ounces). It emits warm white light (2800 K, CRI up to 80) that matches the warm light of an incandescent bulb, yet it consumes less than a watt of power. Its brightness level is usually 1,000 cd/m² and it has a lifespan of about 5,000 hours.

The ORBEOS panel can be switched on and off without delay and is continuously dimmable. Unlike with LEDs, heat management for OLEDs is simple. The panel contains no mercury and emits no UV or infrared radiation.

This combination of energy savings and aesthetics makes the ORBEOS OLED panel an attractive option for premium commercial lighting design.

ORBEOS OLED, along with many OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED lighting products, will be on display at Booth 315 at the Las Vegas Convention Center during LIGHTFAIR 2010.  Learn more at /lightfair2010.