LEDs for Retail and Shop Lighting

The right light in a retail environment is of fundamental importance, enhancing the look of the products and leading to increased sales. Retail and shop lighting installations with light emitting diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors help retailers save energy and eliminate inventory erosion due to IR and UV damage while maintaining a high level of light quality in retail displays.

LEDs enhance the aesthtic beauty of the product display and are the perfect solution for shop lighting due to their long life, directional light, uniform brightness and illumination. The compact size of the LED sources allow for low profile lighting solutions.

LED retail and shop lighting also benefits retailers by reducing lamp replacement costs.

Featured Product: SOLERIQ P

  • Optimized for cd/W driven applications
  • Very small light emitting surface (LES) enables easy optics design, sharp shadows and sparkle appearance
  • Easy mounting without SMD soldering: gluing, screws or brackets

OSRAM LED Down Light

LED products and specifications for retail display applications

Product chart for retail and shop applications

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OSRAM LED Display Lighting

With LED display lighting consistent illuminance levels are maintained while providing longer lifetime over fluorescent sources.

OSRAM LED Display Lighting

The ability to actively change the correlated color temperature of the LED source within a luminaire can help any item stand out.